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维护者们定期开会,直接负责监督 Rush Stack 内的项目。按照字母顺序:

manages the team that hosts the Rush Stack projects
feature implementation, focusing on Rush workspaces and Heft
feature implementation, focusing on performance and watch mode
architecture, focusing on Heft and Rush build cache
architecture, community engagement, docs and TSDoc
Webpack integration, community engagement; Sean is also a maintainer for Webpack and angular-cli


合作伙伴帮助项目正常运行,但是它们并不像维护者一样直接参与开发。合作的方式有很作,例如:创建 issues, 审查 PR, 设计讨论,写文档,或者回答一些问题等。按照字母顺序:

facilitating: Rush; contributed many features including the Rush plugin system
facilitating: Rush, Heft, Docusaurus
facilitating: Rush
facilitating: Lockfile Explorer and the Rush subspaces feature
facilitating: API Extractor



MAINTAINER 2019-2022
contributed fixes and enhancements while migrating many projects to build using Heft
MAINTAINER 2019-2021
contributed the sass-typings-generator, heft-dev-cert-plugin, and the Heft APIs for custom actions/parameters
MAINTAINER 2016-2018
broad contributions including Rush's task scheduler and stream collator
MAINTAINER 2016-2018
broad contributions including Rush version policies and publishing features
implemented API Extractor and API Documenter features


下面列出了没有加入到 Rush Stack 的开发者,但是他们也为项目做出了巨大的贡献,维护者对其深表感谢。如果你想提名某人,请告诉我们。按照时间倒序顺序:

implemented the pnpm-sync feature for Rush
contributed the Lockfile Explorer app
designed and implemented the plugin system for Rush
recognized for major contributions to API Extractor and API Documenter
helped design Rush's multi-project watch mode feature, implemented the @telia/rush-select console
recognized for major contributions to API Extractor and TSDoc, including the declaration reference syntax
contributed the "installation variants" feature for Rush
pioneered early components such as package-deps-hash, gulp-core-build, and load-themed-styles