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Project roadmap

Recently Completed

These milestones were completed recently:

  • Set up the website and plan for Rush Stack
  • Improve the GitHub issue/PR triage process to improve turnaround times
  • Rename our GitHub repo and Gitter chat room from “web-build-tools” to “rushstack”
  • Set up a @rushstack Twitter feed

In progress

Contributor availability is difficult to predict, so we try not to make commitments about when (or whether) a particular feature will get implemented. That said, here’s some areas which people are actively working on:

  • Write up various design notes and guidance as articles on the new website
  • Complete the migration from TSLint to ESLint/Prettier using the new @rushstack/eslint-config ruleset
  • Rush integration with BuildXL for sharded builds
  • Improve DocFX support for namespaces (issue #1537)

Soon, hopefully

The Rush Stack maintainers currently see these feature areas as the main priorities for upcoming investments:

  • Enable rush install to leverage the package manager’s monorepo support, instead of the @rushtemp packages (issue #1553)
  • Initial prototype of “heft” revamped toolchain
  • Improve API Extractor to support import * as ___ from "___"; namespaces (issue #1029)

If there’s a specific area that’s important to you, let us know in the Gitter chat room. And of course, even if a feature isn’t listed on the road map, pull requests are always welcome!