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terminal package

This library implements a system for processing human readable text that will be output by console applications.


See the TerminalWritable documentation for an overview of the major concepts.


Class Description
CallbackWritable This class enables very basic TerminalWritable.onWriteChunk() operations to be implemented as a callback function, avoiding the need to define a subclass of TerminalWritable.
DiscardStdoutTransform (BETA) DiscardStdoutTransform discards stdout chunks while fixing up malformed stderr lines.
MockWritable (BETA) A TerminalWritable subclass for use by unit tests.
NormalizeNewlinesTextRewriter For use with TextRewriterTransform, this rewriter converts all newlines to a standard format.
RemoveColorsTextRewriter For use with TextRewriterTransform, this rewriter removes ANSI escape codes including colored text.
SplitterTransform Use this instead of TerminalTransform if you need to output ITerminalChunk data to more than one destination.
StderrLineTransform (BETA) StderrLineTransform normalizes lines that mix characters from stdout and stderr, so that each output line is routed entirely to stdout or stderr.
StdioSummarizer (BETA) Summarizes the results of a failed build task by returning a subset of stderr output not to exceed a specified maximum number of lines.
StdioWritable A TerminalWritable subclass that writes its output directly to the process stdout and stderr streams.
TerminalTransform The abstract base class for TerminalWritable objects that receive an input, transform it somehow, and then write the output to another TerminalWritable.
TerminalWritable The abstract base class for objects that can present, route, or process text output for a console application. This output is typically prepared using the Terminal API.
TextRewriter The abstract base class for operations that can be applied by TextRewriterTransform.
TextRewriterTransform A TerminalTransform subclass that performs one or more TextRewriter operations. The most common operations are NormalizeNewlinesTextRewriter and RemoveColorsTextRewriter.


Enumeration Description
TerminalChunkKind Specifies the kind of data represented by a ITerminalChunk object.


Interface Description
ICallbackWritableOptions Constructor options for CallbackWritable.
IDiscardStdoutTransformOptions (BETA) Constructor options for DiscardStdoutTransform
INormalizeNewlinesTextRewriterOptions Constructor options for NormalizeNewlinesTextRewriter
ISplitterTransformOptions Constructor options for SplitterTransform.
IStdioLineTransformOptions (BETA) Constructor options for StderrLineTransform
IStdioSummarizerOptions (BETA) Constructor options for StdioSummarizer.
ITerminalChunk Represents a chunk of output that will ultimately be written to a TerminalWritable.
ITerminalTransformOptions Constructor options for TerminalTransform.
ITerminalWritableOptions Constructor options for TerminalWritable
ITextRewriterTransformOptions Constructor options for TextRewriterTransform.

Type Aliases

Type Alias Description
TextRewriterState Represents the internal state of a TextRewriter subclass.