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PnpmOptionsConfiguration class

Options that are only used when the PNPM package manager is selected.


export declare class PnpmOptionsConfiguration extends PackageManagerOptionsConfigurationBase 


It is valid to define these options in rush.json even if the PNPM package manager is not being used.

The constructor for this class is marked as internal. Third-party code should not call the constructor directly or create subclasses that extend the PnpmOptionsConfiguration class.


Property Modifiers Type Description
pnpmStore   PnpmStoreOptions The method used to resolve the store used by PNPM.
pnpmStorePath   string The path for PNPM to use as the store directory.Will be overridden by environment variable RUSH_PNPM_STORE_PATH
resolutionStrategy   ResolutionStrategy The resolution strategy that will be used by PNPM.
strictPeerDependencies   boolean If true, then Rush will add the “–strict-peer-dependencies” option when invoking PNPM.