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PnpmOptionsConfiguration.resolutionStrategy property

The resolution strategy that will be used by PNPM.


readonly resolutionStrategy: ResolutionStrategy;


Configures the strategy used to select versions during installation.

This feature requires PNPM version 3.1 or newer. It corresponds to the --resolution-strategy command-line option for PNPM. Possible values are "fast" and "fewer-dependencies". PNPM’s default is "fast", but this may be incompatible with certain packages, for example the @types packages from DefinitelyTyped. Rush’s default is "fewer-dependencies", which causes PNPM to avoid installing a newer version if an already installed version can be reused; this is more similar to NPM’s algorithm.

For more background, see this discussion: https://github.com/pnpm/pnpm/issues/1187