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EnvironmentVariableNames enum

Names of environment variables used by Rush.


export declare const enum EnvironmentVariableNames 

Enumeration Members

Member Value Description
RUSH_ABSOLUTE_SYMLINKS "RUSH_ABSOLUTE_SYMLINKS" If this variable is set to “true”, Rush will create symlinks with absolute paths instead of relative paths. This can be necessary when a repository is moved during a build or if parts of a repository are moved into a sandbox.
RUSH_ALLOW_UNSUPPORTED_NODEJS "RUSH_ALLOW_UNSUPPORTED_NODEJS" If this variable is set to “true”, Rush will not fail the build when running a version of Node that does not match the criteria specified in the “nodeSupportedVersionRange” field from rush.json.
RUSH_DEPLOY_TARGET_FOLDER "RUSH_DEPLOY_TARGET_FOLDER" This environment variable can be used to specify the --target-folder parameter for the “rush deploy” command.
RUSH_GLOBAL_FOLDER "RUSH_GLOBAL_FOLDER" Overrides the location of the ~/.rush global folder where Rush stores temporary files.
RUSH_PARALLELISM "RUSH_PARALLELISM" Specifies the maximum number of concurrent processes to launch during a build. For more information, see the command-line help for the --parallelism parameter for “rush build”.
RUSH_PNPM_STORE_PATH "RUSH_PNPM_STORE_PATH" When using PNPM as the package manager, this variable can be used to configure the path that PNPM will use as the store directory.If a relative path is used, then the store path will be resolved relative to the process’s current working directory. An absolute path is recommended.
RUSH_PREVIEW_VERSION "RUSH_PREVIEW_VERSION" This variable overrides the version of Rush that will be installed by the version selector. The default value is determined by the “rushVersion” field from rush.json.
RUSH_TEMP_FOLDER "RUSH_TEMP_FOLDER" This variable overrides the temporary folder used by Rush. The default value is “common/temp” under the repository root.
RUSH_VARIANT "RUSH_VARIANT" This variable selects a specific installation variant for Rush to use when installing and linking package dependencies. For more information, see the command-line help for the --variant parameter and this article: https://rushjs.io/pages/advanced/installation_variants/