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CommonVersionsConfiguration.preferredVersions property

A table that specifies a “preferred version” for a dependency package.


readonly preferredVersions: Map<string, string>;


The “preferred version” is typically used to hold an indirect dependency back to a specific version, however generally it can be any SemVer range specifier (e.g. “~1.2.3”), and it will narrow any (compatible) SemVer range specifier.

For example, suppose local project A depends on an external package B, and B asks for C@^1.0.0, which normally would select C@1.5.0. If we specify C@~1.2.3 as our preferred version, and it selects C@1.2.9, then that will be installed for B instead of C@1.5.0. Whereas if the preferred version was C@~2.0.0 then it would have no effect, because this is incompatible with C@^1.0.0. A compatible parent dependency will take precedence over the preferred version; for example if A had a direct dependency on C@1.2.2, then B would get C@1.2.2 regardless of the preferred version.

Rush’s implementation relies on the package manager’s heuristic for avoiding duplicates by trying to reuse dependencies requested by a parent in the graph: The preferred versions are simply injected into the fake common/temp/package.json file that acts as the root for all local projects in the Rush repo.