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IFileSystemCopyFilesAsyncOptions interface

The options for FileSystem.copyFilesAsync()


export interface IFileSystemCopyFilesAsyncOptions 


Property Type Description
alreadyExistsBehavior AlreadyExistsBehavior Specifies what to do if the target object already exists.
dereferenceSymlinks boolean If true, then when copying symlinks, copy the target object instead of copying the link.
destinationPath string The path that the files will be copied to. The path may be absolute or relative.
filter FileSystemCopyFilesAsyncFilter | FileSystemCopyFilesFilter A callback that will be invoked for each path that is copied. The callback can return false to cause the object to be excluded from the operation.
preserveTimestamps boolean If true, then the target object will be assigned “last modification” and “last access” timestamps that are the same as the source. Otherwise, the OS default timestamps are assigned.
sourcePath string The starting path of the file or folder to be copied. The path may be absolute or relative.