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IExecutableSpawnSyncOptions interface

Options for Executable.execute().


export interface IExecutableSpawnSyncOptions extends IExecutableResolveOptions 

Extends: IExecutableResolveOptions


Property Type Description
input string The content to be passed to the child process’s stdin.NOTE: If specified, this content replaces any IExecutableSpawnSyncOptions.stdio[0] mapping for stdin.
maxBuffer number The largest amount of bytes allowed on stdout or stderr for this synchonous operation. If exceeded, the child process will be terminated. The default is 200 * 1024.
stdio ExecutableStdioMapping The stdio mappings for the child process.NOTE: If IExecutableSpawnSyncOptions.input is provided, it will take precedence over the stdin mapping (stdio[0]).
timeoutMs number The maximum time the process is allowed to run before it will be terminated.