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EnvironmentMap class

A map data structure that stores process environment variables. On Windows operating system, the variable names are case-insensitive.


export declare class EnvironmentMap 


Constructor Modifiers Description
(constructor)(environmentObject)   Constructs a new instance of the EnvironmentMap class


Property Modifiers Type Description
caseSensitive   boolean Whether the environment variable names are case-sensitive.


Method Modifiers Description
clear()   Clears all entries, resulting in an empty map.
entries()   Returns the map entries.
get(name)   Returns the value of the specified variable, or undefined if the map does not contain that name.
mergeFrom(environmentMap)   Adds each entry from environmentMap to this map.
mergeFromObject(environmentObject)   Merges entries from a plain JavaScript object, such as would be used with the process.env API.
names()   Returns the map keys, which are environment variable names.
set(name, value)   Assigns the variable to the specified value. A previous value will be overwritten.
toObject()   Returns the keys as a plain JavaScript object similar to the object returned by the process.env API.
unset(name)   Removes the key from the map, if present.