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ILocalizedData interface


export interface ILocalizedData 


Property Type Description
defaultLocale IDefaultLocaleOptions Options for the locale used in the source localized data files.
normalizeResxNewlines ‘lf’ | ‘crlf’ Normalize newlines in RESX files to either CRLF (Windows-style) or LF (‘nix style)
passthroughLocale IPassthroughLocaleOptions Options around including a passthrough locale.
pseudolocales IPseudolocalesOptions Options for pseudo-localization.
resolveMissingTranslatedStrings (locales: string[], filePath: string) => IResolvedMissingTranslations Use this paramter to specify a function used to load translations missing from the ILocalizedData.translatedStrings parameter.
translatedStrings ILocalizedStrings Use this parameter to specify the translated data.