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HeftConfiguration class


export declare class HeftConfiguration 


Property Modifiers Type Description
buildCacheFolder   string The project’s build cache folder.This folder exists at <project root>/.heft/build-cache. TypeScript’s output goes into this folder and then is either copied or linked to the final output folder
buildFolder   string Project build folder. This is the folder containing the project’s package.json file.
globalTerminal   Terminal Terminal instance to facilitate logging.
heftPackageJson   IPackageJson The Heft tool’s package.json
projectConfigFolder   string The path to the project’s “config” folder.
projectHeftDataFolder   string The path to the project’s “.heft” folder.
projectPackageJson   IPackageJson The package.json of the project being built
rigConfig   RigConfig The rig.json configuration for this project, if present.
terminalProvider   ITerminalProvider Terminal provider for the provided terminal.