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heft-config-file package


Class Description
ConfigurationFile (BETA)


Enumeration Description
InheritanceType (BETA)
PathResolutionMethod (BETA)


Interface Description
IConfigurationFileOptions (BETA)
ICustomPropertyInheritance (BETA)
IJsonPathMetadata (BETA) Used to specify how node(s) in a JSON object should be processed after being loaded.
IJsonPathsMetadata (BETA) Keys in this object are JSONPaths https://jsonpath.com/, and values are objects that describe how node(s) selected by the JSONPath are processed after loading.
IOriginalValueOptions (BETA)
IPropertyInheritance (BETA)

Type Aliases

Type Alias Description
IPropertiesInheritance (BETA)
PropertyInheritanceCustomFunction (BETA)