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IConfigFile interface

Configuration options for the API Extractor tool. These options can be constructed programmatically or loaded from the api-extractor.json config file using the ExtractorConfig class.


export interface IConfigFile 


Property Type Description
apiReport IConfigApiReport Configures how the API report files (*.api.md) will be generated.
bundledPackages string[] A list of NPM package names whose exports should be treated as part of this package.
compiler IConfigCompiler Determines how the TypeScript compiler engine will be invoked by API Extractor.
docModel IConfigDocModel Configures how the doc model file (*.api.json) will be generated.
dtsRollup IConfigDtsRollup (BETA) Configures how the .d.ts rollup file will be generated.
extends string Optionally specifies another JSON config file that this file extends from. This provides a way for standard settings to be shared across multiple projects.
mainEntryPointFilePath string Specifies the .d.ts file to be used as the starting point for analysis. API Extractor analyzes the symbols exported by this module.
messages IExtractorMessagesConfig Configures how API Extractor reports error and warning messages produced during analysis.
newlineKind ‘crlf’ | ‘lf’ | ‘os’ Specifies what type of newlines API Extractor should use when writing output files.
projectFolder string Determines the <projectFolder> token that can be used with other config file settings. The project folder typically contains the tsconfig.json and package.json config files, but the path is user-defined.
testMode boolean Set to true when invoking API Extractor’s test harness.
tsdocMetadata IConfigTsdocMetadata (BETA) Configures how the tsdoc-metadata.json file will be generated.