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ExtractorMessageId enum

Unique identifiers for messages reported by API Extractor during its analysis.


export declare const enum ExtractorMessageId 

Enumeration Members

Member Value Description
CyclicInheritDoc "ae-cyclic-inherit-doc" “The @inheritDoc tag for ___ refers to its own declaration.”
DifferentReleaseTags "ae-different-release-tags" “This symbol has another declaration with a different release tag.”
ExtraReleaseTag "ae-extra-release-tag" “The doc comment should not contain more than one release tag.”
ForgottenExport "ae-forgotten-export" “The symbol ___ needs to be exported by the entry point ___.”
IncompatibleReleaseTags "ae-incompatible-release-tags" “The symbol ___ is marked as ___, but its signature references ___ which is marked as ___.”
InternalMissingUnderscore "ae-internal-missing-underscore" “The name ___ should be prefixed with an underscore because the declaration is marked as @internal.”
InternalMixedReleaseTag "ae-internal-mixed-release-tag" “Mixed release tags are not allowed for ___ because one of its declarations is marked as @internal.”
MisplacedPackageTag "ae-misplaced-package-tag" “The @packageDocumentation comment must appear at the top of entry point *.d.ts file.”
MissingGetter "ae-missing-getter" “The property ___ has a setter but no getter.”
MissingReleaseTag "ae-missing-release-tag" “___ is exported by the package, but it is missing a release tag (@alpha, @beta, @public, or @internal).”
PreapprovedBadReleaseTag "ae-preapproved-bad-release-tag" “The @preapproved tag cannot be applied to ___ without an @internal release tag.”
PreapprovedUnsupportedType "ae-preapproved-unsupported-type" “The @preapproved tag cannot be applied to ___ because it is not a supported declaration type.”
SetterWithDocs "ae-setter-with-docs" “The doc comment for the property ___ must appear on the getter, not the setter.”
UnresolvedInheritDocBase "ae-unresolved-inheritdoc-base" “The @inheritDoc tag needs a TSDoc declaration reference; signature matching is not supported yet.”
UnresolvedInheritDocReference "ae-unresolved-inheritdoc-reference" “The @inheritDoc reference could not be resolved.”
UnresolvedLink "ae-unresolved-link" “The @link reference could not be resolved.”


These strings are possible values for the ExtractorMessage.messageId property when the ExtractorMessage.category is ExtractorMessageCategory.Extractor.