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ApiParameterListMixin.overloadIndex property

When a function has multiple overloaded declarations, this zero-based integer index can be used to unqiuely identify them.


readonly overloadIndex: number;


Consider this overloaded declaration:

export namespace Versioning {
  // TSDoc: Versioning.(addVersions:1)
  export function addVersions(x: number, y: number): number;

  // TSDoc: Versioning.(addVersions:2)
  export function addVersions(x: string, y: string): string;

  // (implementation)
  export function addVersions(x: number|string, y: number|string): number|string {
    // . . .

In the above example, there are two overloaded declarations. The overload using numbers will have overloadIndex = 1. The overload using strings will have overloadIndex = 2. The third declaration that accepts all possible inputs is considered part of the implementation, and is not processed by API Extractor.