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ApiItemKind enum

The type returned by the ApiItem.kind property, which can be used to easily distinguish subclasses of ApiItem.


export declare const enum ApiItemKind 

Enumeration Members

Member Value Description
CallSignature "CallSignature"  
Class "Class"  
Constructor "Constructor"  
ConstructSignature "ConstructSignature"  
EntryPoint "EntryPoint"  
Enum "Enum"  
EnumMember "EnumMember"  
Function "Function"  
IndexSignature "IndexSignature"  
Interface "Interface"  
Method "Method"  
MethodSignature "MethodSignature"  
Model "Model"  
Namespace "Namespace"  
None "None"  
Package "Package"  
Property "Property"  
PropertySignature "PropertySignature"  
TypeAlias "TypeAlias"  
Variable "Variable"