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IApiDocumenterPluginManifest interface

The manifest for an API Documenter plugin.


export interface IApiDocumenterPluginManifest 


An API documenter plugin is an NPM package. By convention, the NPM package name should have the prefix doc-plugin-. Its main entry point should export an object named apiDocumenterPluginManifest which implements the IApiDocumenterPluginManifest interface.

For example:

class MyMarkdownDocumenter extends MarkdownDocumenterFeature {
  public onInitialized(): void {
    console.log('MyMarkdownDocumenter: onInitialized()');

export const apiDocumenterPluginManifest: IApiDocumenterPluginManifest = {
  manifestVersion: 1000,
  features: [
      featureName: 'my-markdown-documenter',
      kind: 'MarkdownDocumenterFeature',
      subclass: MyMarkdownDocumenter


Property Type Description
features IFeatureDefinition[] The list of features provided by this plugin.
manifestVersion 1000 The manifest version number. For now, this must always be 1000.